Sunday, April 17, 2011

Turtle Club

Just the word turtle makes me think of that goofy movie line "am I not turtley enough for the turtle club?"  Bonus points for anyone who names that movie without google! 

You're wondering if I've lost it, huh?  Nah.  I just got new goodies in the mail.  One of my new stamp sets (Snail & Co.) has the cutest little turtle in it.  He is so cute!  I had to ink him up and get him on a card today. 

I also spent some time outside playing with settings and such on my camera.  I need to figure out why my green inks keep coming out yellow in photos.  My white balance is right...I'm stumped.  So I played with it in GIMP and that made the gingham paper more green than it really is, but at least my grass doesn't look like late August grass LOL!  Frustrating that I can't seem to fix this. 

Anyway...I hope you like my little turtle guy! 

Supplies are all A Muse|Studio unless specified
Paper:  grass gingham, random white
Ink:  fern and blackberry (embossed)
Ribbon:  random purple
Glitter:  diamond
Copics:  new leaf, golden yellow


  1. I love your little turtle! This set is on my wish list, but it's because I love the snail!

  2. Master of disguise? I think that's the name- with Dana Carvey? I'm not tuuuurrrrtleeeey enough for you? lol! very cute card!

  3. Vanessa wins!! Thanks for the compliments ladies :)

  4. YAY! i didn't like that movie much, but that part i quoted above always makes me laugh.